The island

Kalymnos is the island of the well-known divers who catch sponges. It is the perfect place for anyone who desires a relaxing and calming vacation as for those who have taken up rock climbing, strolling or diving.

The location

Emporeios is a graphic village with a couple of stores, beautiful houses and welcoming locals. Moreover it is the most likeable destination for sailing boats.

The restaurant

In our restaurant you will enjoy the traditional greek cuisine as much as the sea food. You can have breakfast or even enjoy a drink right upon the sea waves, since the restaurant is by the sea.

Services that are provided

Our specialties

Braised goat
Cooked in fresh tomato sauce, seasoned with different spices, is served either with fresh French fries or pasta.  

Swordfish or tuna with vegetables
It is grilled and escorted with sauted vegetables and an olive-oil lemon sauce.                                     

Stuffed squid with cheese
It is filled with feta cheese, and after been grilled it can go with either French fries or vegetables.